Tank Trouble Deathmatch

So, you want to play Tank Trouble Deathmatch? In this explosive tank war, your goal is to escape others bullets while shooting them with your own. The rules are fun and simple, attack others and defend yourself. This game offers you to play this death match alone against a computer or with one or two friends. Gather players around your computer and declare a really competitive war. The maze looking maps are going to trick your brain and the minimalist graphics are easy and incredibly fun to play. Are you ready for this tank trouble war? Put your skills and your friend’s skills to the test.


Your goal in this fight is to defeat your opponents and stay alive until the end. To kill your opponent, whether it is the computer or your friends, you shoot at them using the controls included below. Beware, others too can shoot and they want to kill you as much as you want to kill them. Defense yourself by hiding in the maze that is the map, but don’t get stuck in a corner, if so, you won’t be able to escape the deadly bullets. Play cautiously because every bullet you shoot can rebound onto the walls and come back at you and killing you at the same time. Stay in movement; increase your speed and your strategies against the computer or your friends through Tank Trouble Deathmatch

Everyone is welcomed to the game and will be able to have fun as the controls are as easy as the rules. The controls for Tank Trouble Deathmatch are the following:


· For Player 1 and Single Player

Use the arrows to move, the top one to go forward, and the others to change the direction of your tank. To shoot your opponents, use the letter M on your keyboard.

· For Player 2 (if so)

Use the letters E,S,D and F to move, with E you go forward and with the other keys, you change the direction of your tank. To shoot your opponents, use the letter Q.

· For Player 3 (if so)

Use the mouse of your computer to move your tank in the maze and use the left click of your mouse to shoot at your opponents.



With the simple touch of your keyboard, you can win this tank war or lose it. Put your skills to the test in a Tank Trouble Deathmatch. Best of luck!